Sunshine And Rainbows

So, the sun keeps shining, and at Apollo Care South Liverpool our spirits remain high.

Over the past week stories have continued to flood in about how much support and respect we have received for what a great job we are doing in the field.

From “Hero” Easter eggs being handed out in the supermarket, for one of our carers who was getting shopping for a client, to taxi drivers stopping in the street and offering one of our carers a lift.

One gentleman (who would like to remain anonymous) very generously took the time to make face shields for each of our team!

Such acts of kindness are so inspirational and motivating and show that whilst there are those that are considered “Key” workers, the amazing support we are being given is the “Key” to a successful transition through these testing times.

Perhaps more importantly though, what about our clients?

The sun is shining, but what use is that if you can’t leave the house?

Some of our clients will be feeling the effects of isolation more than others, and we have to be prepared to be dealing with low mood and anxiety.

We have to be their sunshine, they may rely on us to inspire and motivate them.

Irene, one of our clients who hadn’t had the best of weeks, was met with a gleaming smile from ear to ear by one of our senior carers. When asked why she was in such a good mood she explained that another of our carers had taken the time to make her a Rainbow poster to display in her window to not only signify support for the key workers, but perhaps more importantly for Irene, the poster included a commemoration for the 96 that were sadly lost at the Hillsborough Disaster. Irene had been down prior to this as she was present at the game on that sad day, but had no means to show her support in remembrance. She was so grateful for such a kind, yet powerful gesture.

As Support workers we can use the generosity and support that we are receiving in the field as a tool for us to provide the very best of care, for those that need it the most.

We can be the Sunshine and Rainbow in someone’s life and our care can be the most valuable pot of gold of all.

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