If you’re one of Merseyside’s full time carers then you’ll likely appreciate a break from your everyday care duties once in a while. You may plan on going on holiday or just spending time to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever your reasons may be for requiring professional respite care services you will certainly wish to spend your time away from your duties in the absolute knowledge the person you care for is in safe hands. For this reason Apollo Care’s respite care service for Merseyside residents is the ideal solution you’ve been looking for.

Tailored respite care solutions

Here at Apollo Care we’ve come to understand the simple fact that the needs of each elderly person we provide care for are truly unique. When we draw up your respite care plan we will do so with strict reference to the unique needs of the person receiving our care. Our approach to respite care ensures the person receiving the care is delivered a standard of care they’re accustomed to. You surely wouldn’t expect anything less from a professional respite care service such as ourselves.

Just who is our service for?

Apollo Care’s respite care service is enjoyed by elderly people with a variety of care needs. Below is a non-exhaustive list of these needs:

A service which begins even before you leave

The prospect of change in carer is likely a daunting one for your cared-for no matter how temporary the arrangement may be. For this reason the carer which Apollo Care will appoint to your cared-for will arrive to meet up with you and your cared-for before you commence your break. This will ensure the change in carer is a smooth one for both carer and for cared-for.

Our respite care service for the elderly typically lasts a few days up to a few weeks. An initial assessment will take place to ensure the respite care plan does not neglect any of the unique needs the person you care for requires assistance with.

Emergency respite care

If you plan on spending time away from your cared-for at short notice Apollo Care additionally offers an emergency respite care service. We live in a world where emergencies can take us away from our responsibilities quite unexpectedly and at short notice. Thus a backup plan in the form of Apollo Care’s emergency respite care service will give you added piece of mind should an unexpected situation occur. Within the Merseyside area Apollo Care employs a large workforce of carers and we’ll have the staff on hand available to cover your requirements at short notice.

A service you can count on!

With our service you can be assured your loved one will be cared for by the utmost trained staff. You can return to your care role fully recharged; until next time!

Some of our key policies and values include:

  • All our staff are directly employed by Apollo Care following a rigorous application, interview and selection process
  • Our staff are fully trained and fully qualified carers, and are all DBS (disclosure & barring service) checked
  • We are affordable without compromising on quality

If you would like more information about our Respite Care Services please email us at info@apollocare.co.uk or visit our Care Offices page to locate your nearest care office.

Customer Testimonials

Thanks to all at Apollo for everything you have done for my mother. My mother is not always the easiest of person to look after but you have cared for her with a superb combination of kindness, compassion, and dignity for which I and my sisters will be forever grateful. Thank you for always going the extra mile.

TC Family