Caring is more than assistance with basic daily tasks. To us, it’s also about connection, heart and presence; laughter, joy and safety. Our companionship services help prevent loneliness, add happiness and create security.

We offer support in the following areas:

Find your local care office

We run a number of Apollo Care branches across the UK. Find us by using our postcode search facility.

Escort to Appointments

Ensuring you or your loved one gets to appointments on time is important. All of our care workers are insured to carry their service users in their own cars.

We assist with:

  • Reliable, timely transportation to and from regular appointments with doctors and hospitals, or other appointment types
  • Reliable, timely transportation to and from once-off appointments with doctors and hospitals, or other appointment types

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Carer Respite

Your peace of mind is important to us. If you care for a family member at home our service will assist you to come and go with the knowledge that your loved one is safe at home, being cared for by one of our team.

We assist with:

Sitting Services

Caring for a loved one at home can be stressful and we understand the need to have time apart. Our care staff will stay with your family member in their own home while you can go out and enjoy your free time with the knowledge that all is well and in safe hands.

Outings and Hobbies

To us, joy is a big part of a healthy, fulfilling life! Staying active, getting outside and doing things you enjoy is important for both mental and physical health.

We assist with:

  • Accompany services users to lunch meetings
  • Attending social clubs
  • Planning outings

Home Companionship

Being unable to leave the home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience connection or social interaction, which is vital for good health. Our home companionship services help prevent loneliness and add happiness.

We assist with:

  • Providing company
  • Providing conversation
  • Share in activities
  • Assist around the home

We’re here to help.

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If you would like more information about our Companionship services, we’re here to help or answer any questions you might have. Feel free to email or visit our Care Offices page to locate your nearest care office.

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