Apollo Care is a boutique home care service designed to give vulnerable adults high-quality care in their homes, where they feel most comfortable.

Apollo care is owned and managed by Cheryl, a qualified nurse who began her health and social care career at the early age of 14.

Our quality, personal approach provides the enriching, empowering, engaging care that everyone independently deserves. By bringing us into your home, both you and your loved one will gain independence. Your loved one remains living comfortably at home for as long as possible, while you get peace of mind and the independence you deserve too.

All care staff are hired directly by us. We only recruit the best in the profession to ensure that our high standards and outstanding reputation are never compromised. This allows us to offer consistent quality service and personal packages with confidence. Taking it off your hands, we focus on excellence, punctuality, and individualisation, and our compassionate staff regularly review their care plans to ensure your loved one gets quality, ongoing support.

Apollo care journey

Our journey

Apollo Care was founded in 2011 by Cheryl and her Mum, while they were both working supporting people in their local community. Cheryl began working in the care profession at the young age of 14 later going on to train as nurse gaining invaluable experience which has allowed her to understand what care really means.

What stood out to Cheryl in her many years of experience was the lack of focus on caring by those in the care profession. For her, there was a large need for flexible, individualised care packages and quality time. Tailored care services to meet the personal care needs of each individual customer were non-existent, which disallowed people from living their most fulfilling life – something everyone deserves to do. What also stood out to her was the lack of time given to customers who were in need of more. It wasn’t fair to give 30 minutes to a client who needed 60.

Cheryl knew that the people she’d been caring for deserved more. More time. More individualised care. More life.

While living and travelling in Australia, Cheryl made the decision to follow her young and passionate heart that cared so much. It was time to start filling the “care gap” with real care, one person at a time.

It was then that she set up a small stand at a local shopping centre in Australia and began advertising her personalised home care packages. Later on, while visiting her clients at home back in the UK, Cheryl also witnessed the effects of social isolation on elderly people in her area. After contacting several providers to try and organise support for them, Apollo Care was born.

Apollo, the Greek God of healing, perfectly portrays Cheryl’s mission to heal the care profession, one individual at a time.

Each office is owned and managed by people who share a passion for caring and providing a service that enables, enriches and empowers people by bringing independence home.

Apollo Care continues to grow as the demand for care services increases. Making flexible, personalised care with quality time their focus, Apollo has shaped home care into home caring.

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