Hospital Discharge Care

There really is no place like home, especially after spending time in hospital. At Apollo, we believe that it’s important to be discharged from hospital with proper care plans in place, which is why we offer Hospital Discharge Care.

We offer support in the following areas:

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We run a number of Apollo Care branches across the UK. Find us by using our postcode search facility.

A personalised and flexible approach

Before being discharged from hospital, our Care Manager compiles an appropriate care plan suited to the needs of the person who will be cared for. The plan details the level of care they require upon discharge as well as the times of day that care will be given. The care plan is not written in stone and our carer continues to monitor and alter the plan throughout the process if necessary.

Our Hospital Discharge care service is ideal either at short notice or for planned hospital discharges. Typically, discharge plans should be planned in advance or begin on admission. Last minute planning should be avoided, if possible.

A speedy recovery

The lack of an adequate discharge plan often means that the frail or elderly remain in hospital even when a return to home is possible. Our service ensures a personal discharge plan, allowing patients to return home immediately. Since spending time in hospital can cause stress on the body and mind, returning home can speed up the recovery process significantly.

Encouraging independent living

After our care, many of our clients feel confident to return to independent living. As the patient recovers, our carers encourage them to get involved in common household tasks in order to stay mentally and physically fit.

Our service meets discharged patients personal care needs, including:

  • Washing and dressing
  • Household tasks such as shopping, cooking and cleaning
  • Companionship
  • Assistance with rehabilitation
  • Night care

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If you would like more information about our Hospital Discharge Care, we’re here to help or answer any questions you might have. Feel free to email or visit our Care Offices page to locate your nearest care office.

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