Apollo Care is owned and managed by Cheryl, a qualified Nurse who began her Health and Social care career at the early age of 14. We are committed to our dedicated team of staff who enable us to provide the outstanding care services that our clients receive.

Apollo care team

The head office family

Cheryl White - CEO

Hello, I’m Cheryl.

My main role is to support my franchise teams to provide excellent care, grow their businesses and develop themselves into amazing and caring leaders. I also market the Apollo Care brand, which we are very proud of. An important part of my role is to make sure the systems and standards that we use are up to date and current, ensuring that we are compliant and relevant to the care we provide.

Apollo Care is my passion. My aim and goal is to improve quality home care standards, and this is the driver that moves me forward. I am very proud of everything my teams have achieved and look forward to achieving more high standards and success in the future.

Apollo care journey

Read more about Cheryl’s personal journey and how Apollo came to be.

Dawn Belmar - COO

Dawn Belmar - COO

Hello, I’m Dawn.

I am the Chief Operating Officer for Apollo Care Franchising. I live in Wirral with my partner, Neal, my daughter, Charlotte, and my little dog, Barney. I also have two sons who have now left home. In my spare time I like to read, travel, and take Barney on long walks.

I am directly responsible for ensuring the day-to-day running of the Head Office team, and assisting in Apollo Care’s organisational strategy, action planning and monitoring outcomes. I work across all internal teams, making sure our franchisees feel supported so that they can develop their business and individual plans.

My role is very varied, and I organise a variety of tasks such as training events, onboarding our new franchisees, overseeing meetings and ensuring our care teams are compliant and running smoothly operationally.

I also develop and enhance existing processes and procedures to ensure best practice.

My vision for Apollo is always at the front of my mind, and I work closely with our Managing Director to deliver a first-class service to our franchisees and clients.

I feel extremely grateful to be able to play a part in Apollo Care’s vision, which is to be the provider of choice both in the UK and internationally.

Julia Robertson, Finance Manager

Julia Robertson - Finance Manager

Hello, I’m Julia,

I am the Finance Manager for Apollo Care Franchising. I live in Oxton, Wirral, with my husband, Ian, and my daughter, Grace.

I take direct responsibility for the financial operations within the Head Office business. I am also there to support the Franchise teams and to work alongside them to help grow their businesses. I help them by looking into their financial performances and give advice where needed.

My favourite part of the month is invoicing where I can see what amazing turnovers our Apollo teams are achieving. This is then relayed back to our CEO, Cheryl, and the rest of the Head Office team.

Before Joining Apollo Care I worked as an accountant as the payroll administrator. I have worked closely with Cheryl and both the Liverpool & Wirral Apollo Care teams, and I’m so happy to be part of the Apollo Care Franchising team.

John Magee - Head Office Support Team

John Magee - Head Office Support Team

Hello, my name is John.

My journey with Apollo Care began in 2017, working as a carer at West Wirral before taking part in the Apollo Care Academy Course in 2019. This led to a job opportunity with the Head Office team in December 2019 as a Franchise Support Manager. I have since been promoted twice and now have that glorious title of “Head of Support and Compliance” and I love my job!

In the time I have been at Head Office, not every day is the same and I remind myself of the Apollo Care values on a daily basis. I hope that colleagues and acquaintances can see these reflected in my work and application.

I work closely with the Head Office Operations team and help to provide a support function to the Franchise Teams by getting contractual obligations done on time and in full. These are typically annual audits (which are mainly regulatory based) and twice-yearly territory visits (which are more business development based).

There are usually a significant number of other tasks that filter their way into my inbox, which are also dealt with quickly or put into the system to be dealt with in the following quarter. No day is the same and I really like that variety.

Owen Belmar - Franchisee Support Manager

Owen Belmar - Franchisee Support Manager

Hello! My name is Owen.

I am the Franchise Support Manager for Apollo Care Franchising. I am an energetic person who likes to emerge himself into a role.

As Franchise Support Manager, I engage with our franchise managers every day. My role directly involves ensuring each franchise is regulatory compliant in line with CQC standards, and that each business is growing. We do this by having annual paperwork audits and territory visits, where I work closely with each manager to identify elements we can improve on, and any difficulties we can overcome.

My role is heavily centred around building and sustaining healthy relationships with our managers, and acting as a conduit with the rest of the Head Office team. Getting the chance to closely work with such interesting and talented people is a great opportunity for me.
I am also involved in working with third party companies and understanding how we can utilise their expertise to streamline online processes and enhance Apollo Care’s social media presence to mirror the standard at which we work each day.

Apollo Care is a fast-growing company with some fantastic teams working within it, and I am very proud to be a part of this journey of learning and growing alongside each franchise.

Judith O’Brien, I.T Consultant & Data Protection Officer

Judith O’Brien - I.T Consultant & Data Protection Officer

Hello, my name is Judith.

I have over 30 years in the IT and web industries in both SME’s and global enterprises. After reaching European Director level within one of the top 5 global IT companies, I moved on to set up my own company and became Managing Director of IT Answers UK Ltd in 2004. After selling IT Answers in 2013, I now own a successful Digital Marketing agency, helping start up businesses, grow organisations, and develop businesses online.

I now work closely with Apollo Care as their Data Protection Officer and I.T Consultant.

Nick Evans, Employment Law & HR Support

Nick Evans - Employment Law & HR Support

Hello, my name is Nick.

I’m from Evans Lamsley, where we provide all franchisees with Employment Law and HR support as well as regular training. Think of us as your HR team.

I help with disciplinary issues and performance concerns, as well as deal with poor sickness records and long-term sick employees, ensuring an engaged workforce.

Dealing with HR and Employment Law issues should not get in the way of success; in fact, having the right people on the team will help drive business forward.

I ensure that issues are dealt with early to stop them becoming bigger issues and reduce the amount of time you have to spend dealing with issues so that you can grow your business.

Mark Williams, Horner Downey & Co Franchise Accountants

Mark Williams - Horner Downey & Co Franchise Accountants

Hello, my name is Mark.

My firm has over 45 years of experience. Based in Wirral, we have a sector specific team looking after franchise clients. We provide a range of business support including accountancy, taxation, payroll, forecasts and advisory services.

No matter the size, we offer business support services that you need. We take care of the financial side of franchise businesses so you can concentrate on what you do best – growing and nurturing it.