Get Bespoke Care to Match Your Needs
with Better Life Care Packages

Everyone has the right to feel independent and enjoy some quality time.

We’ve structured our five care packages around your different levels of needs.

If you’ve got a long-term health condition requiring personal care, or you just want a little help around the house dusting the places you can’t reach while you have a cup of tea and a chat, we can tailor our package to you.

We know that paying for your care hour by hour doesn’t allow for the flexibility that life demands, so we’ve designed these packages to let you pay a monthly fixed fee. That way, you can relax knowing what’s going out of your bank account each month and also knowing you’re going to be looked after.

From five hours or more a month, you can opt for one of four Better Life Care Packages:

Happiness & Wellbeing

Comfort, Safety & Care

Dignity & Support

Support & Tech

Each package corresponds to your level of need.

Regardless of the package you select, we guarantee you nutritional guidance, contact with the community, regular updates for your loved ones, access to a 24-hour emergency and an activity that promotes your wellbeing.

If you’re a family member with a loved one you’re currently looking after, Better Life Care Packages can help take some of the pressure off.

Package 1: Happiness & Wellbeing

Life is for living at any age.

If you need some help getting out and about or you’re finding your hobbies require an extra pair of hands these days, the Happiness & Wellbeing package is for you.

Happiness & Wellbeing covers meal preparation, cleaning, shopping, companionship and going out. We have care professionals who are also adept at baking, crafts and conversation. We always match you with staff with similar interests to you so you can use your time doing what you love.

This is also ideal for your loved ones who need help getting to appointments but are otherwise very independent. If you have to take time off from work to drive someone to hospital, or if you’re juggling family life, Happiness & Wellbeing offers peace of mind so you know your loved one is safe and able to attend all appointments while you have some time off.

Same monthly payment each month. No hidden extras

Tailored to you

Helps you get out and about and attend appointments

Allows you to keep your hobbies going

Gives peace of mind for family members

Includes shopping, meal preparation, cleaning and companionship

Package 2: Comfort, Safety & Care

We believe you should stay independent in your own home if you want to.

Comfort, Safety & Care helps you do this. This package is for you if you need some assistance with personal care such as washing, dressing or medication.

We also offer nutritional guidance, access to a 24-hour emergency line, one community link and a call to a family member. We’ll liaise with your doctors and health professionals to ensure consistency. In addition, we like to include an activity you enjoy for your mental wellbeing. Your care professional is specially selected for you based on your needs and interests so they can help you keep up the things you love.

Same monthly payment each month. No hidden extras

Supportive, holistic and person-centred care based around your needs

Includes personal care and medication management

Gives peace of mind to your family members

24-hour emergency line

1 community link and communication with a family member

Package 3: Dignity & Support

Expert care when you need it most.

This package has been created for people with a long-term medical condition affecting their day to day life, such as MS or dementia, or those with a terminal illness with a short term diagnosis.

Our care professionals are specialists able to offer personal care, medication management and emotional support to you and your loved ones.

If you or a loved one requires palliative care and wishes to stay at home rather than going into a hospice, our team can assist you and your family. We will liaise with your current health professionals to offer the most suitable care and will ensure your comfort and dignity throughout.

Dignity & Support includes access to a 24-hour emergency line.

Long-term care or palliative care

Includes personal care and medication management

Enables you to stay at home and feel comfortable and safe

Emotional support for you and your family

Access to 24-hour helpline

Bespoke package for your unique requirements

Package 4: Support & Tech

All the care with minimal fuss.

Not everyone wants home visits – Some people want to feel independent and live their lives as normal. We want to empower you to carry out your daily routines as you’ve always done, while offering some peace of mind to loved ones.

Our Support and Tech package is the perfect compromise.  It means we can make sure you’re okay and helps family members feel less anxious about you being on your own.

The Support and Tech package includes a motion sensor to check you’re safe, a hydration sensor to make sure you’re drinking enough and a door sensor to alert family members as to anything unusual.

For a small weekly fee, we can install these sensors and monitor your safety so you can keep going as before.

Same monthly payment each month. No hidden extras

Helps loved ones stay safe and healthy

Offers peace of mind to families

Enables independence

Optional extras available: extra calls and home visits

Package 5: Around the Clock

There really is no place like home.

Our around the clock care package has been designed for people who require 24 hour care or overnight care to enable them to remain living in their own homes.

Our team will be on hand to assist you to remain as independent as possible with the reassurance that there will always be somebody around if you require some help with your personal care, housework or companionship.

Our packages are bespoke to your needs to provide a fulfilling, supportive care experience.

24 hour bespoke care packages

Competitive monthly fixed payment

Peace of mind and security

Enables you to remain living at home

Community/Family links included

What our clients say:

Our teams are here to help you whatever your individual needs. We also believe in enabling you to achieve the best quality of life possible.

We’ll keep in touch with your family and health workers so we’re all working together. All you have to do is relax and let us do the rest. If you’re interested in finding out more about our Better Life Care Packages, get in touch with your local care office.