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Our Teams Are Amazing ❤️

So, Monday 9th March was the day I had been waiting for—my CQC interview!!!!

To say I was nervous is an understatement I nearly vomited about 3 times and had the worst butterflies ever, but all my worry was needless the interviewer was lovely and told me on the phone I had passed- I couldn’t believe it I was elated! It had seemed to take forever to get here and here I was a registered care manager ME! I still can’t quite believe it!!

Anyway after I had come down to earth it was decided best wait a couple of weeks (start of the new tax year and all that) and I would start my new very own business adventure I was as excited as I was scared, would I be good enough? Would I get staff? Would I get new clients? etc! And then BOOM then Coronavirus hit us, at first none of us knew the extent this was going to affect any of us but as the days passed it became obvious this was here for the long haul, so what do I do about my business now???

I had a huge decision to make and lots of things to take into account- what if I started my business and took on clients and then got ill? What if I took on a new staff member and they got ill? Who will look after my children while I am out working now that they are off school? The list goes on, I was having sleepless nights getting myself into a state trying to decide the best way forward for me.

After lots of deliberation I decided I would put my business on hold for a while and I would make myself available for some of the Apollo teams in case they need any help.

I have witnessed over the past few weeks what I can only describe as AMAZING!!! Every single one of our Apollo Care teams have gone more than above and beyond to keep their business running as usual with the care staff showing what the word care really is all about, they have pulled together like never before and they have kept all their clients looked after, cared for and happy- I have been watching a lot on the news about the NHS and how amazing they are doing which I 1000% agree with they are doing an outstanding job but so are our care staff and the 1000s of others like them, without these amazing ladies and men keeping our clients so well looked after and healthy I believe they are keeping the number of hospital admissions down which in itself is fantastic.

So I am so looking forward to starting up my own Apollo and if I am half as good as the teams we already have I know I will smash it because every single one of them are inspirational.

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