team at north liverpool with a client

October In North Liverpool….

I wanted to write this month about our wonderful care conference. This was all arranged by head office. There are 3 teams on the Wirral and 4 Teams in Liverpool. It was lovely for all of us to gather together in the one venue and with clients attending too. It made me realise what a wonderful organisation we are and how large we have all become. I love being part of a larger group working together with the same morals and values.

We took 3 of our lovely clients and we would have loved to taken more with us but unfortunately we were unable to get some of the clients there due to them being unable to get there. In total we had 8 staff attend. It was not easy to make this possible but again team work allowed for us to take this many of our staff.

One of our clients was sat telling me how much she loved to dance and what a brilliant dancer she had been. The next minute she was up dancing with one of our carers to the singer. I was told “the carers are absolutely wonderful and I look forward to seeing them every single day. I am normally sat in looking at 4 walls. I have been waiting all morning as I was so looking forward to coming, I had even rung the office to check that I was still going.” so she was delighted to be out with us having fun.

Another client it was her second year coming to the conference with us. She informed me that she had been excited knowing what a good day it would be. She then went to say at the end that this year was so much better than last year. She had enjoyed the music and the buffet and the fact that we had much more of the staff there. I loved seeing her interact with my staff and enjoying her day.

Our last client has recently joined us and he could not praise the staff enough. He informed me that he was absolutely delighted to have us going into him and that he loves every single person and he could not pick a favourite carer as they were all wonderful. We had a good old chat about the olden days and his wife. This was wonderful to hear.

The most amazing part of the day was the awards!!!!!!! Everyone listened contently to the names being called and were all so excited when the names were read. Each team supporting each other. This was an amazing atmosphere.

I am delighted that 3 of my carers won awards.  Nicola Whelan won carers carer of the year. She had been voted by everyone as CARERS CARER!!!! Nicola was totally shocked and delighted to win. She won a £100.00 voucher to a restaurant as a VIP Guest in Liverpool.

Ellen Spollin won most committed carer of the year and Ray Mercer won most flexible carer.

I felt it was important to let the other staff know that they were equally winners in my eyes the ones that had been nominated and the ones that had not been nominated as it was extremely hard to pick from a wonderful group of people that we have. However, everyone was delighted that one of our team had won and they were all shouting for each other. Again, a wonderful atmosphere and a great team. The sun was shining and it was a glorious day allowing us to take in some fresh air too during the afternoon.

Our clients loved being a part of this and seeing the staff winning awards that they deserved. I cannot wait for our next one next year. It has been suggested that we hire a mini bus to get as many people there as possible so watch this space for next year. Great thanks to all of Head Office who made this event possible. We did show our gratitude by ordering them some surprise flowers!

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