mandy and son

Introducing Mandy

Our Apollo teams are growing! And in true Apollo style, the support we give to our managers is second to none. This means that our team at Head Office must grow too and therefore we have decided to expand our Head Office team and recruit another Franchise Support Manager.

Welcome Mandy.  Mandy’s career background is several different roles within Lloyds Bank. She brings a lot of experience and expertise with her and has definite transferable skills from her previous roles.  We just know that she is going to be an amazing asset to us.

People from different backgrounds and professions can bring fresh ideas into a company. That’s what makes a great team great. Working together, everybody with different skills, aspirations and talents all pulling in the same direction. Respecting each other and helping each other is key to any business being successful. It’s the diversity that makes great teamwork.

This makes me think of a question that I have been asked several times whilst working for Apollo Care. The question is:

“Do you have to have experience working in care to be able to apply for a role within this profession”

And, the answer is a definite “no” – you don’t have to have care experience. What you do need to have is a caring nature and an aptitude to work hard. You must want to make a difference to people’s lives.

The nuts and bolts of any job role can be taught to a willing applicant but what you cannot teach someone is how to care for someone- really care and put others first.

So, if you are thinking of the care profession as a career change- speak to us. Look at the different roles that we have in Apollo Care, learn all about us and how our core values are at the very centre of everything that we do.

We are different- we care passionately about our clients, our staff, our managers and if given the chance we will care about you.

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