How Do I Find The Right Care For My Loved One?

Even thinking about finding the right care for your loved one can be very daunting. We understand that to be looking now and reading this – things must be difficult for you. Maybe you need some respite.

To take this step is brave so well done. I know you may not feel brave right now as you are feeling, tired, guilty, and not sure what to do.

You will have mixed emotions about looking for a care package for your loved one. We understand this and will guide you through the process.

The support you require at first may be minimal just to take some pressure off. We focus on maintaining independence and quality of life.

Everyone is an individual and this is why all of our packages are bespoke.

Taking time out as a main carer is so important to make sure that you don’t reach burn out or become ill yourself. “You cannot pour from an empty cup”.

Respite is so important for main carers.

This is so true, so even if you have the odd hour to yourself now and then, go for a walk, read a book, even just drink a cup of tea, whilst having the peace of mind that your loved one is safe.

Wouldn’t it be nice if once a week you didn’t have to put the washing on, cook the dinner or make sure you loved one has taken their medication? Maybe someone else could fold up the washing, tidy up or do the ironing?

You don’t have to have a Carer. Just have some support and respite could be enough.

If you would like to organise a call, please get in touch and we can have a chat and a cup of tea over the phone.

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