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Fabulous Feedback!

I recently received some lovely feedback from one of our client’s son and wanted to share with you as I am so proud of my team….

“Hi Maria,
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff at Apollo care, for all the hard work that you have all put in over the last 15 months providing much needed care and support for my Mother and Father. Over recent years both have had major health issue’s and have spent long periods in various hospitals receiving the appropriate treatment for those issue’s. Although we have asked them to consider moving in with ourselves or other family members they refuse because they do not want to leave their house where they have lived for over 60 years. It was obvious then that we had to get them to accept some sort of care package.
Like many elderly people they are very proud and independent people who thought they could cope on their own and were not too enthusiastic about allowing people into their house even though it was to provide care for them and also to help give them a better quality of life. Along with social services you were involved right from the start in arranging a care package to suite their needs. We were very impressed on the way you re-assured my Mother and Father right from the start, telling them how you understood their concerns and giving us all an insight into your business and what your goals are. You also impressed my parents that much that they finally accepted a care package being put into place and from that point things started to change for the good.
At the beginning my parents were still a little dubious and were not sure on whether they had made the right decision allowing strangers into their home. As time has passed their concerns are a now thing of the past and they have accepted you and your staff 100%.They now look forward to your visits throughout the day. I believe this is not only down to the fact that they now appreciate what you are doing for them care wise, you all go above and beyond what is down in the scope of work in their care package. You may think they are only little things that you do such as,
Phoning them up prior to a visit and informing them that you are in the Asda shopping and asking them do they want you to bring anything back with you to save them going out in the cold.
Staying with them and talking with them after your time slot is up when they are having bit of a bad day.
When you notice things that are not quite right with things in general you always contact us to express your concerns so we can pay them a visit and help sort out the issue.
Maybe little things to you and your staff but a big help to the family
Since you have began caring for my parents, their standard of life has improved immensely.
My Mother’s health has improved due to you monitoring her medication intake and her eating and drinking habits. This has resulted in a reduction in time spent in hospitals.
Their personal hygiene has improved.
They are both enjoying life a lot more now and this is down to all the effort that you and your team are putting in.
Much Appreciated, from all of the Smith family.
Thank you. “

This is why we do what we do 🙂

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