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Our Team

My name is Cheryl White and I am the founder of Apollo Care. I founded the company in 2011 to improve the services of home care in my local area. I have been a community nurse for the past 13 years and believe that vulnerable people living in their own homes deserve the best quality of care possible; whether that be that nursing care or social care, to enable them to live as independent a life as possible. Due to the huge success of our main care office on Wirral, we are now franchising the Apollo Care business to like minded people who are also dedicated to providing excellent care packages to vulnerable people living in their own local area.

My name is Sue White and I have worked in the care sector for 34 years predominantly with older people. Prior to managing Apollo care I ran a very successful intermediate care centre for the local authority and it is my philosophy that care must always be our main priority. It is of utmost importance to me as a manager that all of the staff we employ have the same values and philosophy that I do towards the people we care for and take this in to people's homes when carrying out their caring role.
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My name is Suzanne Janvier and I am the registered manager and company director of Apollo Care (South) Wirral. I have over 10 years experience in the care industry gained from many years of caring in the community and nurse training, specialising in the care of adults with physical and learning disabilities. I am passionate about providing our service users with a high standard of care, advocacy and companionship. Contact Care Office
I have over 16 years experience of working in the social care sector. At the age of 18 I began working as a home care worker and advanced to working as a home care coordinator for a care provider on the Wirral. During this time I developed a passion for social care and became dedicated to ensuring service users received the very best, high quality care. Contact Care Office
My name is Marcus Bemrose and I am director of Apollo Care (Wirral) Ltd. I have always lived and worked on the Wirral and after attending Sheffield university I practised law for 30 years before retiring 2 years ago. My passion for care is very personal as I found that looking for a care company that suited the needs of my elderly parents was very difficult. I decided that I would like to become involved in improving home care on the Wirral and joined the Apollo Care Team as director of Apollo Care (Wirral) Ltd. Contact Care Office
We are Paul and Diana, a father and daughter partnership who have one mutual goal- to improve the quality of care within South Liverpool.

"I am proud to bring with me over 35 years of care experience to the business" says Paul. "As the company's trainer I strive to improve the skillset of all our employees. I have always believed that you can teach people the skills to do a job, but you cannot teach anyone to be a caring person, that is something rare that comes from within."

"In the 35 years of working in health and social care I have found that the most important thing, but something that is often ignored is LISTENING to the client. With listening to the client it enables them to remain in control of their lives and be seen as a person not just a condition. This is what we want for all of our clients."

"I bring with me the experience of Health and Safety and Safeguarding. In previous roles I have been fortunate to meet some truly inspiring people within the care sector. Talking to people about what they do, gaining an understanding of how other care organisations work and listening to my Dad's experience was the driving force to get the business up and running. " (Diana) Contact Care Office
I am the new Managing Director of Apollo Care (East) Liverpool and I am very passionate about improving the care standards in the East Liverpool area by using effective leadership ensuring our clients are provided with staff who have had quality training, educated and supported, working towards their Health & Social Care NVQs, striving to ensure our clients live independently, safe and happy in the comfort of their own home.

I have 7 years' of valuable experience working in Health & Social Care, gaining a wealth of knowledge supporting and caring for a variety of clients with a wide range of disabilities. I specialised in the care of adults with Brain injury, complex needs including physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotional difficulties. My back ground has primarily been specialising in supporting people who have suffered with a Brain Injury, supporting them through their rehabilitation, developing their skills to enable them to become more independent, working with a multidisciplinary team to achieve goals.

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My name is Kristel Thompson I am Director of Apollo Care North Liverpool Ltd. My experience has come from first hand real life experience in being involved in the care of loved ones, knowing and understanding the stress of caring for somebody at home while still trying to live your own life, look after your own family and go to work. Does this sound familiar?

My business is very much a family affair! My Mother, who has over 30 years experience as a care assistant in the community assists me in the day to day running of the business and provides invaluable advice regarding service user care plans and assessments. Together we aim to become an agency known to be outstanding and passionate and truly provide the best individual care to assist the service user and their family to improve the Quality of everyone's lives involved. I have been friends with and known Cheryl and Sue for over 25 years so I knew that joining the Apollo Care Team would help me build a business where people are always put first. We will succeed in becoming outstanding with them both at our side with their experience, passion and drive so that the relatives of our service users can carry on with life and spend more precious quality time when seeing their loved ones. Contact Care Office
John McGovern

I have worked most of my life in retail, working in safe recruitment and the ongoing training of staff. I want to bring this experience into Apollo Liverpool and provide our clients and communities with the high standards of carers required to represent the Apollo brand.
My passion to make an impact in the care industry arose when reflecting on the standards of care provided to close family members and the standards of agency in my local community.
There is such a need for the standards in which Apollo Care can provide in our areas and I feel with the experience both me and Zara have gained in our previous roles, we will be able to make the impact we desire.

Zara Williams

Since my first appointment aged 18, I developed a passion for caring which has grew the more I have developed both in my professional and personal life.
Since joining the Apollo South Wirral team over a year ago as a Care Coordinator, I have had the chance to develop from the experience I have gained and the confidence provided by feedback from management, clients and staff in how I have handled situations.
Over my many years in care, I have realised the need for quality care agencies in the city of Liverpool and when the chance to run a franchise in a company which has been a great source of my own personal and professional development arose, it was too good an opportunity to reach my ultimate goal of achieving care manager status and to provide a care service which maintains the dignity and respect of the client in their homes.
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