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Wirral Older People’s Parliament

Wirral Older People’s Parliament provides a way for older people to voice their opinions, inform the council and influence their decisions. Membership is free to Wirral residents and currently totals nearly 1500. I will soon be joining this very useful group of people to try and do my best for the older Wirral residents, some who seem to have been forgotten about in the bigger picture of things.

I have worked in care services looking after older people for nearly 40 years and over that period have had the privilege to meet some of the most amazing and interesting people whom I helped to care for. All of these people have history and lives gone before them which I often found fascinating to listen to and would spend many a bath time listening to these adventures of Mums, Dads, wives, husbands and lovers about life long ago and the struggles or in some cases the privileges they have encountered along the way.

Sadly in the age we now live in these people can often be forgotten by society and sometimes even by their own families for whom they sacrificed so much. Older people are often seen as a burden in this country where as in other cultures they are revered and respected for their age and knowledge which they have acquired along the way.

As I am now classed as an older person I will be joining this group at their next meeting in February. It is my chance to take an active part in trying to make a much deserved difference to the way people are treated and perceived by not only society but also by the people in the political parties who have a say in how older people are treated.

I will be blogging how these meetings go so watch this space…..

For more information about Wirral Older People’s Parliament please click here.

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