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What Is Care In My Eyes?

Care is being kind, respectful, offering choice and promoting independence to make that person as settled and comfortable as they can be with themselves. This can be on all different levels.

If we are asked to go and assist someone to get washed and dressed we will not automatically go in and do this for them because this can be quicker. We will find out how much they can do themselves and encourage them to do this so, hopefully, they can improve each day what they are doing. This may be time consuming to begin with but can have such benefits for a person in the long run. A client may start with an hour call and due to this strategy be reduced to half an hour after time getting them to be more independent or even get to the point they no longer need care.

This has a massive impact on what we are doing as carers because we can see an improvement and we feel proud and satisfied.  Recently we have had a lady who had been losing weight and not eating.  After getting her on board with us and working with her family she has put on 1lb!

It might not sound much but we are achieving the goals that we set together. We are delighted ☺️

We also recently took care of a gentleman who had fallen and could not lift his shoulder to cut up his food or get dressed. We helped and encouraged him do his exercises and encouraged him to try everyday to improve. After six weeks he did not need us. We had achieved what we set out to do.

This is what we are about, if we had just done everything for him he would not have improved.  We know sometimes we cannot have this impact but if we can find a way to help improve peoples’ lives WE WILL!!!!

This is what care is to me.

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