We’re So Proud Of Our Team

At Apollo Care (South) Liverpool we welcome and encourage feedback from our clients and their families.

Occasionally out of the blue we receive feedback that blows us away and makes us proud that we are making a difference in peoples lives and I wanted to share this particular piece of feedback with you:

“Hi Diana
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your girls, especially tonight. As you know the therapists at the Royal had said that Mum was unable to stand and the ambulance people said the same thing; I was worried that she would be bed bound; in fact they had said that she must stay in bed and a bedpan was delivered. I knew though that a large part of the problem is confidence and Mum has said that the OT people make her feel panicky. Katie and colleague (dark very slim, sorry can’t recall her name) were aware of this via email and I did say that I wouldn’t ask them to do anything outside of the rules or that they weren’t comfortable with.
They were great; gentle and patient and they managed to toilet Mum on the commode, then moved her to the wheelchair so she could have her meal at the table.
This was such a relief after a very stressful few days and I can’t understate how grateful we are for what they do. They earn a fraction of what the professionals do but make such a difference.”

We are so proud that our team go out every day demonstating our company values – Caring, Inspiring, Empowering and Supporting in everything they do.

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