poppies in field

We Shall Remember

It’s the 10th November and I am driving to work. On my way, I pass Hamilton Square and in the morning sunshine it looks stunning. I can’t help but notice the giant poppy that is on the Town Hall in readiness for Remembrance Sunday.

At this point in the year, we stop and remember all those people that freely gave up their lives in order that we can live ours. Families lost loved ones, never to be the same again. The extent of sacrifice that people gave will never really be truly known, but we should never ever forget and show our gratitude.

On TV and social media there are lots of biographies on individuals who fought on all sides and it really brings home the fact that these people had normal everyday lives just like us. Sometimes, we forget this and it really made me think of our older generation who live around us.

All too often, elderly people are invisible in our society and we forget they too had interesting lives, been part of families, loved, lost and inspired other people. When was the last time you took time to speak with an elderly relative or neighbour, and really focused on what they were saying? These people are hidden gems that we all could really be learning from.

So, as Remembrance Sunday approaches, we should remember. But, not only remember the fallen, but remember and make an effort with the people that are around us every day.

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