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The Changing Face Of The High Street

Marks and Spencer!   House of Fraser!   Waitrose!  Poundworld! Toys R Us!

What is happening to our High Street?  The headlines of our newspapers and social media portals have been buzzing with the sound of store closures and redundancies. Brands and stores that we all know and love are making hard business decisions to survive the changing spending trends that we are seeing in our communities and these changes are going at an alarming speed!

The advancement in technology for marketing and the accessibility and flexibility of shopping online have made the difference in the way we shop, bank and interact with each other and the retail sector has been hit hard. Of course, we are told that this is progress and maybe it is, but it’s not just the financial impact that this has on the businesses but the impact it has on the workforces that we all need to consider.

There will be people out there that have spent a good deal of their working life in the same company. It may be that they are not ready to stop working or retire, that they still have dependents that rely upon them and bills to pay.  Maybe, they have some capital but not enough to live on. What are the options for these people?

How exciting would it be to decide that now is the time to try something new? Something that there is a definite future in, which cannot be replaced by technology.  Something worth investing your time and capital in.

Nothing can replace the personal touch when caring for someone. This is one profession where technology definitely has its place, but the carers cannot be replaced.

Please get in touch for an informal chat if you think that your future plans could involve Apollo Care.

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