So Proud Of My Team

Our annual care awards are fast approaching and we have been inviting our staff and clients to join us for this exciting event!

I received this reply from one of our clients and it made me feel so proud I wanted to share it…

“Dear Kris,

Thank you for offering Harry the opportunity to go to the annual care conference on 5th September. However it is too difficult for him at this stage and I am also not well enough to go at present.

With regard to the new award chosen by clients, after considerable thought, we have chosen not to nominate any single individual on the basis that each carer who has visited Harry during the past two years has a different skill to offer based on their ability and personality. Collectively, you have a very good group of carers so choosing one based on personal preference would seem subjective.

Based on many years experience with care staff (incuding several other local agencies and my mother’s experiences), we feel very fortunate to have found Apollo Care as overall the standard of care is very good. At present, Harry’s needs are comparatively little but, should his situation change, we have every confidence in the company’s ability to meet them and, more importantly, our confidence in your staff.

I hope these comments are helpful and look forward to hearing some feedback from the event.

We hope you have a successful and enjoyable day.

Kind regards”

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