Pushing On

Don’t worry, we’ve got this!

At a time when we, as carers, continue going out to work and are expected to perform our roles with the same level of professionalism as we would normally do, staying motivated is vital.
It would be very easy, and in many ways understandable, for each of us to want to stay at home a “protect” ourselves and our families. But we don’t. We push on.

Though we are going through a difficult and confusing time at the moment, the amount of support provided by amazing and kind gestures from our local communities, and the inspirational stories we are hearing from both the younger and older generations, are all providing a silver lining to our “corona cloud”.

We have recently received yet another donation of face shields, this time from St Hilda’s school, together with a lovely message of support (see image below). We are so overwhelmed by their support and kind words; it’s providing much needed motivation at this difficult time.

We also look to the likes of Captain Tom Moore, and the inspiration that his amazing feat has provided. This is a great example of how one selfless gesture can create ripples and grow in to something very powerful.
We at Apollo believe that given any situation, it’s very important to learn a lesson, develop, and use the experience to better ourselves, to turn each situation in to a positive.

Over recent weeks there is evidence that, despite the pandemic, we are stronger than ever as communities, and we are seeing that the younger and older generations are displaying the very values that we hold dear, here at Apollo. They are supporting us, they care about us, they are empowering us with the motivation to push on, and they are inspiring us to be better.

These gestures will continue to motivate our teams in the field, as we continue to provide hope to those who desperately need our care.

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