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Progress To Excellence Awards 2017

Recently we were lucky enough to be invited to the Progress to Excellence Annual Awards as our Managing Director, Cheryl White had been nominated for an award. It was a very glitzy event, with a great host in Pauline Daniels and delicious food in very sumptuous surroundings. However, the highlight of the afternoon were the invited guests. This year’s chosen charity of Progress to Excellence was Autism Together, a Wirral based charity.

We had the absolute pleasure of watching the Riversign choir perform a very moving choice of songs. This was followed by a heart rendering and brave personal account of an ordinary mother, who had to fight tooth and nail to get her son diagnosed with Autism and get the help he needed close to home. Due to her determination and love for her son, he is now experiencing a full and happy life with the support of Autism Together.

We as individuals really do have the ability to make a difference to people’s lives. The passion and drive these individuals have shown reminded us of the excellent staff that we have and the values we demonstrate in everything we do at Apollo Care.

We see it as our job to be not only supportive of our service users but also their families, as the slightest things can sometimes make all the difference. May the great work continue!

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