Many of those who require care are unable to perform some of the basic personal care tasks that many of us
take for granted.

One of the most important factors to feeling independent and leading to a fulfilling life is basic cleanliness and being able to perform simple tasks to ensure good health. Our care workers will be expected to assist our service users in the following areas:


Many of our service users will have difficulties washing themselves without assistance. When the body is not washed regularly, bacteria and fungus can thrive on body sweat which results in rashes on the skin. Not only will regular bathing help protect the skin, but it will also prevent serious infections from spreading. Feeling clean and well groomed is also essential for maintaining confidence and self-esteem. Common hygiene tasks that our staff will be expected to perform includes:

  • Washing and bathing
  • Changing continence aids
  • Help with grooming, such as shaving or hair brushing


Many of our service users are required to take regular medication for a variety of different conditions. This is often essential for them to live a healthy lifestyle. Part of the responsibility of our staff is to ensure that any required medication is taken safely and that the correct dosage is used. For service users who self-medicate, it is the responsibility of the care workers to ensure that medication is taken properly. For those who are unable to self-medicate, the care workers will be responsible for administering the medication.

Getting up and putting to bed

Many of our service users will have difficulties in performing simple tasks in the morning and before going to bed. Morning tasks for care workers will include helping to get out of bed, making breakfast, bed making and any hygiene tasks that are required. This will help our service users feel ready for the day ahead of them. Evening tasks will include making supper, any required personal hygiene tasks and assisting to get into bed.

If you would like more information about our Personal Care Services please email us at or visit our Care Offices page to locate your nearest care office.

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