Our Lovely Lorna

Here is Lorna, our client who has dementia with our Manager Maria.

Maria likes to keep involved with her clients going to the lengths of putting her self on care calls because she enjoys it so much. The interaction and bond is important to her to enable our services to run as effectively as possible.

Maria knows all of our clients well and she has a strong relationship with them all and their families as Maria always like to involve family members as much as possible with the care being provided.

Maria is aware of the needs and wants of our clients and she provides and leads her team to provide excellent person centred care.

Below is a short clip of Lorna and Maria as they both enjoyed an afternoon of a singalong as they both watched Mamma Mia

“Lorna’s favorite song came on so we paused it rewinded it back and we both started to sing, Lorna was singing along she said after the song she was really happy and enjoyed our afternoon of movies, crisps and scones.”

This is quality care care I would provide to my own loved ones, visually proven  and from the heart, nothing makes me more happy than to have the power to make someone smile.

Apollo Care Where Care comes first ❤️

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