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Keeping Us Going

Janet, one of our Care Assistants, emailed me yesterday and I want to share with you what she wrote:

“On my call today in Rex Cohen court, I went for shopping for one of our clients. On leaving the building I heard what sounded like knocks on windows, I turned round and the elderly tenants were applauding me out of the windows shouting ‘well done’ . I instantly started to cry as the love and support these people were not just showing me ,but all carers ,the gratitude and thankfulness they were giving. Just the best feeling ever .. much appreciated ❤️

Whilst our carers don’t do what they do for this kind of recognition and appreciation, it lifts their spirits and keeps them going.

The situation we find ourselves in at them moment is really tough… REALLY TOUGH! But it is bringing out the best in people too- A simple thanks goes a long way!

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