holding hands

I’m Still Here

I’m still here hold my hand

I’m still here don’t be shy

I might not respond the way i should

But how I wish that I could

I’m still here, just tucked away

My life is fading day by day

But I feel your love, yes I do

I wish I could say I love you

Touch my face the way I touched yours

When you were young and I adored

Every smile, nothing has changed

My mind has just been rearranged

Talk to me, even if it is just chatter

I hear your voice, that’s what matters

Maybe something will get through

Talk to me like I talked to you

Hug on me, kiss my cheek

Though my mind is growing weak

I feel your love in every squeeze

Your loving touch brings me ease

Though I seem lost, I’m still here

Love me now before I disappear

Be with me in this time and space

You’re my moment of amazing grace

One day I’ll journey on, I’ll go home

I don’t want you to feel alone

We’ll always have the love we shared

So hold my hand while I’m still here

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