Happy Birthday To Edna!

I wanted to write a blog this month about Edna. Edna came to us as a social services client for six weeks two years ago after being discharged from hospital. Edna asked to keep us to continue looking after her when her package came to an end as she was delighted with the care we had been providing. Edna did not need as much care after her six weeks due to her improvement 🙂

Edna celebrated her 105th birthday on the 24th October 2018. Edna is still managing to live in her own home. Edna is wonderful for her age and she is adored by all of our staff.

Edna was interviewed by the Liverpool Echo due to her age. It makes us all proud to be a part of this in making Edna’s dreams come true living in her own home at the age of 105. Edna has a wonderful daughter who visits her every single day too.

The full article about Edna can be found here.

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