Happiness To Me Is…

Last week we celebrated International Day of Happiness!

Happiness to us all is a very individual and personal thing. Some people are really tuned into what makes them happy and have no problem planning activities and time into their days to ensure that they give themselves some quality “me” time. This in turn puts them into a really positive frame of mind and a really good head space.

However, not all of us find this easy to do. Life’s ups and downs can get in the way and it is very easy to put our own happiness to one side, making sure everyone else is happy and supported.

Juggling children, a career, caring for an elderly relative and personal health problems are just some of the factors that we can all relate to at different times of life. BUT, there is only one you. YOU are unique and special. Without taking care of yourself, you cannot give out to people without burning and crashing and then you will be no good to anyone!

So just take a minute to make a list of what makes you happy. It could be anything….from a smell, a song, a special photo you have or a place you have visited that brings back memories.

Making YOU happy is not selfish in any way- it’s totally necessary.

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