woman watching the moment in a crowd of people taking photographs of the moment

Enjoying The Moment

A few weeks ago we all witnessed a magical day when Prince Harry and Megan Markle tied the knot and said “I do”

The whole world watched with bated breath and all eyes were on the UK. It was a marvel to watch and everything seemed perfect; the weather, the outfits and the famous guests…and of course The Queen.
It was a great mixture of tradition and newness. Seeing the crowds along the streets, the ceremony of the guards on horseback and the many street parties that were planned made me wonder what the atmosphere was like in London on this day.

Since then magazines, newspapers and social media have been saturated with shots of the happy couple and their guests on the day and after the wedding, when they returned back to their daily lives.

The photographs have been amazing, but there was one shot that I saw that really stood out to me. While everyone was on their phones recording the ceremony and snapping away for pictures they could use on Facebook, one lady was just taking it all in and simply enjoying the moment.

The speed of which we live today is so fast and instant that sometimes we just forget to stand still, take stock and enjoy being in the moment. Maybe this lady can teach us all something….

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