Above And Beyond

Here at Apollo South Liverpool we are trying to keep spirits up by staying positive (as i’m sure we all are).

We’ve set up group chats to stay connected with our colleagues. Pictures, messages, memes sent around to keep spirits high (some of which can’t be shown here).

Group video chats to catch up with senior team members and discuss action plans to get through this period, TOGETHER.

Whilst it is business as usual, or in some cases business more than usual, we have to keep it light-hearted and keep the stress levels to a minimum.

It is important to remember that we are not, nor should we ever be, alone. We are a Family.

But, what about those that need it most?

What about those people who we visit, day in, day out?

Some are isolated with nobody to visit during this difficult time but US.

We are essentially their family during this difficult time.

We have to be there for THEM.

We have to be positive for THEM.

We have to go Above and Beyond for THEM.

Everything we do is about delivering for THEM. More now than ever.

SO, to keep things positive, and to go Above and Beyond, some of our carers are offering extra shopping calls (in their own time) and in some cases giving peace of mind by offering extended family shopping calls. One example, is offering a long-standing client peace of mind by getting shopping for his grandmother (who is 100 years old).

One of our carers is offering to bake cakes and bread for some of those who have been unable to get out to the shops.

Another of our carers has been so concerned that he may not make his calls due to travel disruption, that he has been out and bought a swanky new bike.

Small gestures go a long way.

It’s so important that we stay together, that we stay positive, and that we try to go the extra mile.

For each other and for them.

So for the next few months, and beyond, let your inner Buzz Lightyear shine through!

“To the shops, and Beyond!”

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