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A Day In The Life Of An Apollo Care Franchise Manager

My name is Hannah White and I have been an Apollo Care franchisee since 2013. Prior to being a franchisee I worked for Apollo Care as a care assistant and care coordinator. After many years of working in care services and when the opportunity became available to be part of the company, I was eager to join the team.

My typical day consists of starting work at 8.30am and the first thing I do is to check my emails and reply to any which require answers. I then go in to monitor our care systems and listen to the on-call phone messages. Following this I have a meeting with my office staff where I hand over any information including problems or tasks required for that day. After our meeting I will sort through any staff application forms then check to see if any staff require their documentation renewing.

Once I have done all the office tasks it is time to do the job I like doing the most. This is when I go out in to the community to do assessments on people who are new to the service or reviews on existing clients. This consists of either starting full assessments of people’s needs or making sure that we are adequately meeting the needs of the people we are already caring for. An assessment is a live document and needs regular reviews as a person’s level of support required can change at any time and we need to respond to this as soon as we can.

I do find this a very enjoyable part of my role as a registered manager as it gives me the opportunity to actually meet the people we care for face to face and have an informal chat as well as doing the more formal assessments. Once my assessments are done it is time to head back to the office to type them up and get the information ready for the staff to give their care.

One of the best things about my job is that I do get job satisfaction about 90% of the time. It would be nice to say 100% but dealing with people and providing care can at times be a difficult job.

As a care franchisee no two days are the same. Most days are good but there can also be difficult days too at times but I would not change my job and look forward to growing my business as the years go by.

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