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Enquire For End of Life Palliative Care


Are you a patient in need of professional end-of-life palliative care? If so, Apollo Care can provide experienced and qualified carers ensuring patients receive the necessary care so death at home is a viable option. It is our unequivocal respect for patient’s wishes to remain in their own home which sits at the heart of Apollo Care’s end-of-life care service.

End-of-life care typically covers care received during the final twelve months of a patient’s life. Our carers take full responsibility for an array of personal needs of the patient, no matter what stage of their illness the patient is at. End-of-life care is possibly the most emotional care Apollo Care provides and our staff training and selection duly reflects the delicate nature of terminal illnesses.

Although there may be no cure for the patient, as is often the case with the latter stages of cancer, our carers are fully trained to ensure patients receive the level of care so that the remaining duration of the patient’s life is as bearable and comfortable as possible.

Apollo Care provides 24 hour and 365 day-a-year end-of-life care. A care plan will be drawn up to cater for each patient’s individual needs. Patients are assured their needs are to be correctly taken care of, even after the event of death and well into the family’s bereavement stage. Apollo Care offers a service which matches the sensitivity of the issue and one which is often not matched by competing care providers.

The end-of-life period is a stressful one for both the patient concerned and wider family. The decision to choose a care provider may be controversial for some in the family. Apollo Care truly believe it to be important for the patient to receive the best level of care from an expert end-of-life care provider. Our care plan will allow the patient and their loved ones to spend valuable time together in the comfort of the patient’s own home, with all the care aspects being catered for by trained professionals.

Our unique service includes the following benefits:


  • Eliminates unwanted hospice or hospital attendance
  • Ensures patient’s needs are reflected in their care plan
  • Provides a better line of commination between patient, family and other stakeholder in the patient’s care regime such as GPs and other NHS and private health care staff
  • Cost savings for both the patients and relevant health authority