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Night Care Services 

At Apollo Care we provide a personal night sitting service to our users living in their own home.  Our flexibility and the knowledge of knowing our care workers are there; reassures service users and helps them feel safe and secure throughout the night.

There are two different types of services we can offer; sleeping night care and waking night care, both services are personalised to our client’s needs and can be provided on a short or long term basis.

Sleeping Night Care Service

Sleeping night care ensures service users who require minimal assistance during the night and wish to remain in their own home are not left alone and have the care and support they require.  The carer will sleep at the service users home, they will provide the service user with assistance when getting into and out of bed and will be ‘on call’ if required.      

Who might require this service?

This is useful for service users with mobility problems or anxiety issues who may require some reassurance of a night time.

Waking Night Care Service

The carer will stay awake between the hours of 10pm-8am to attend to the service user’s needs.  The night carer will be expected to carry out any tasks normally undertaken by a relative or caregiver; this may involve assistance with regular turns, assistance with mobility during the night or assistance with toileting.

Who might require this service?

This service is useful for clients who require frequent care throughout the night.  


Apollo Cares night care services are available throughout Wirral, West Wirral and South Wirral.